Tisch School of the Arts Masterplan
New York, New York

In 2008, Nextstage Design principals Gene Leitermann and Tony Forman, while associated with Theatre Projects Consultants, conducted needs assessment, programming, and master planning studies in collaboration with Ennead Architects for the Tisch Institute of the Performing Arts (IPA). The programming effort addressed the needs of the IPA’s five academic units, dean’s office, and theatrical production service unit. Concepts for the new performance spaces were determined by pedagogy and informed by precedent visits to other performance facilities. In master planning we helped develop and evaluate multiple schemes involving two existing and three new sites.

New York University

Ennead Architects

Acoustic Dimensions (now Acoustic Distinctions)

Construction Type
Adaptive reuse

Square Feet
79,400 net existing
141,000 net proposed

2008 study only

Twelve new or renovated performance spaces ranging from 50 seats to 300 seats

Department of Dance
Department of Drama (undergraduate)
Design for Stage & Film (graduate)
Graduate Acting
Graduate Musical Theatre Writing
Theatrical Production

Image: © Ennead Architects