TCG Annual Conference

I just returned from the TCG annual conference in Cleveland, Ohio where I re-connected with many colleagues from my time there at Great Lakes Theater and Playhouse Square. Playhouse Square is now a vibrant urban center of arts, tourism, commerce, and residential real estate. Partnerships fostered by Playhouse Square Foundation and other foundations in Cleveland have brought two major regional theaters, one of the nation’s largest Broadway touring venues, public broadcasting, and Cleveland State University together to create an active and fun quadrant of the city. The restoration of five theaters in a two block area has paid off in spades! Kudos to all! Did I mention the huge outdoor chandelier?
The conference was full of terrific sessions and inspiring speakers. Lisa Kron gave a candid and insightful look into her creative process, and Dave Isay told of the poignant power of the StoryCorps project to name just two. I have been attending TCG conferences for many of the 25 years that TCG was celebrating this year, and it is impressive how the organization has continued to be relevant and an agent of change for the professional non-profit theater in this country. I was well above the average age of the attendees, which in this case is a great thing! The future of theater is exciting, evolving, and energizing.