New Haven Green
New Haven, Connecticut

The New Haven Green, established in 1638 as the commonly-held lands at the center of the colony, has seen a variety of uses and activities over the past three centuries. Current uses include performances and other public events, ranging from events a few hours long to multiweek, multivenue festivals. The city asked Nextstage Design to recommend infrastructure improvements to allow simple events to be accommodated easily, and complex events to be held with adequate support and low impact on the trees and turf. We documented existing infrastructure, gathered stakeholder needs via questionnaires, and held meetings with stakeholders, Proprietors, city officers, staff, and interested citizens. Our recommendations balanced the need for performance infrastructure with stakeholders’ strong opinions about the special character of the Green. Based on our findings, the city purchased portable stage platforms, portable turf protection, and a 40’ by 40’ trailered stage. We worked with the city engineer to implement several other recommendations, including upgrades to existing power distribution, new underground tunnels for temporary cabling, and new water and sewer connections. Future work may include permanent structural tie-downs for anchoring temporary stages, a fiber optic network for production support, and a system of video cameras to monitor activities on the Green for event organizers, maintenance, security, and public safety.

Committee of the Proprietors
City of New Haven Department of Parks, Recreation, & Trees

Construction Type


$1.5 million


City of New Haven Department of Parks, Recreation and Trees
International Festival of Arts & Ideas  
Music on the Green  
New Haven Bed Race
New Haven Grand Prix
New Haven Jazz Festival
New Haven Road Race
New Haven Symphony

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